Social Networking App

Business Requirement:

» Client wanted us to develop an application through which users can easily mark and start commenting threads on visited websites.

» Social Networking is a web-commenting driven social network application.

» The main focus is allowing users to easily mark, share with facebook friends and Twitter followers and start commenting threads on a visited website in a single centralized location.

» This application provides users different options like web navigator, following section, popular section, profile section and much more.

Business Feature:

» Web Navigator
Marking websites, generating a static website image, attaching tag (bubble) like image to the marked region and add comment to a marked region of that image. The application generates website images of the URL’s and displays them back to the user in the User Profile’s Pages section

» Following section
Commented Pages by users whom current user is following.User can see tagged region on the image of website. Add comment to the already tagged region.

» Popular section
Popular pages (images of website) which are most commented in particular time period. Commented can be added to the tagged region.

» Profile section
Building a Social Networking network of friends made up by people that commented on the web page image or people invited directly. User can start following another user from the list of users in People section, Facebook Friends, Twitter Friends.

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