Patient App

Business Requirement:

» Rather than seating ideally in waiting room for your turn at Doctor’s clinic, it would be better to utilize that time by performing formalities like Patient’s detail and his medical history and getting knowledge about different surgeries.

» Patient App application gives you the same facility to perform all formalities through iPad device not on paper.

» It says “Stop waiting. Start communicating”.

» Application also provides theft detection alerts according to Latitude and Longitude of device.

Business Feature:

» Application has three modes:
– New Patient
– Current Patient
– Browse mode

» Admin will have the ability within the app, to select the mode once the app is started:
– Register New Patient
– Check in Existing Patient

» Once mode is selected, admin will have to fill the Patient’s information and have to select forms like New Patient Form, Patient Questionnaire or Medical History.

» Once admin will complete this form, device is assigned to Patient. Patient will have to fill all forms whatever assigned by admin.

» Once all forms are filled, Patient will redirect to personalized browsing screen where he will get different articles to read according to his medical history. He can read articles and videos and can get knowledge about different surgeries. He also came to know, what care one should take for his health problem.


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