Business Requirement:

» Mobux is a fully featured 3GPP IMS Client for iOS devices. It is SIP dialer based application.

» The main purpose is to offer IMS Client to its user. This application is mainly used for creating, modifying and terminating two-party sessions.

» Mobux allows user to connect to any compliant SIP registrar. The main purpose is to develop a product which gives user the more interactive way to connect with registered user and/or make audio/video call with them.

Business Feature:

» Ability to send and receive internet calls from/to other users.

» Ability to make a video call with each other.

» Ability to see how much credit a user has.

» Ability to see charges per call

» App is providing feature to increase current credit by incoming call and decrease it while user make outgoing call.

» Ability to set a rate per minute for receiving calls

» Profile Information

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