Medicine Finder

Business Requirement:

» Medicine Finder is an application for the customers who can easily find any certified medicine available.

» Customers can search through hundreds of generic and brand name Rx prescription drugs.

» Customers can know the details of the medicine and whether this medicine is available or not.

» Medicine finder application is available for iPhone, iPad, and android.

Business Feature:

» Medicine finder application helps customers to find any certified medicine through ‘search ‘ option. Customers can type any medicine name they want in the ‘search ‘ area .

» If the searched medicine appears than customers can select that medicine and it will show all the details of it like its cost, brand name, content in that, expiry date, precautions, side effects etc.

» If the customer can’t find the searched drug , he can set a reminder in that. so whenever that medicine will be available , notifications will occur. And customer can also refill the reminder.

» Main challenges in this application
– Compatible with iPhone and iPad
– Creation of search option for hundreds of medicines
– Layout