Lender App

Business Requirement:

» “Carry an office outside an office”

» Client wanted us to make an application which helps him to enhance his real estate business and keep him updated with the current mortgage rates with included mortgage rate calculator.

» This application is for real estate professionals who want them to elevate themselves over the competition in their business.

» This application is available in iPhone , iPad , Android and Blackberry. Lender app website is also available to manage loan officers and its partner’s content.

» Loan officers need

Business Feature:

» The main feature of this application is real time mortgage calculator including
1) Mortgage calculation
2) Refinancing
3) Simple loan

» You can connect with co-partners for your exponential growth through joint marketing.

» This application provides customized rates display for upto 8 different products.

» Applications provides FHA and conventional payment calculations with MI based on the down payment and also dynamic biz- cards for you loan offices.

» You can maintain your hits count by this application. And you can also see the blink message sent by the loan officer or referral partner about the advertisement of the specials.


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