Inapp Shopping

Business Requirement:

» Client wanted us to develop an application through which users can put any stuff for the sale aound the world.

» Another user who is interested in buying posted stuff can contact the host user in person and can buy that stuff from him/herself.

» Other users can like, comment on the posted product in the application.

» Application has two main module one is iPhone App and Web-Service.

» In iPhone module, provides this many selection:
– Login.
– Search.
– Newsfeed.
– Home (User Profile).
– Photo.
– Checkin.

Business Feature:

» Search
In this section user can search the item and in the return he/she get the search related user profile which contain searched item.We were showing searched data in two different format one is listing and other one is in circle area.

» Photo
In this Section user can upload item’s photo from camera/Library with name, price and description.If user has set sharing option on in setting page the item details with the image shared on Facebook and Twitter as well.

» Home
In this Section user can see their profile and the sell/sold items.User can see items in grid view as well as in list view by switching the option.User can also delete and edit the item.In edit item user can put three images for each item so it’s benefit to sell the item.User can also drag and drop item to sell to sold section and vice versa.

» Settings
User can find the other user to follow them and check their profile with sell/sold items also, user can chat that person after follow them. User can invite there friend to join in this application via message or Facebook.User can change his profile photo, edit profile.User can set sharing setting on/off. User can change the password.

» Newsfeed
User can see the all follows sell’s item with the holder profile photo, holder name, item image, item description and recently three comments on that item.User can like/dislike that item also can comment on that item so there can see that. User can also see item holder profile just taping on item photo or holder photo or holder name.

» Check In
In this section we list out all the current ongoing chatting, Followers, Following. User also gets notification if someone has message to his/her so user can come to know he/she got message from other. User can also go to followers, following profile by tapping on them.

» Login
User needs to register yourself. User can login with registered email id or with Facebook account.


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