Business Requirement:

» House Genius Application is used for organizing the Home searches and to calculate mortgage payments on potential homes.

» User can organize pictures of Homes and calculate payments based on different loan scenarios.

» The automatic sync enables the users to keep the data on the device in-sync with the website data.

» Application also allows the user to view the different rates set by the Loan Agent or his partners.

» The application also has in-built online mortgage calculator to calculate mortgage payments.

Business Feature:

» Creation of Home Scenarios
Create Home scenarios by taking pictures using the device camera. Add notes to the Home scenario after creating the Home scenario. Attach more than one picture to the Home scenarios and give title to them.

» Attach Loan scenarios to Home scenarios
A maximum of 3 Loan scenarios can be added to each Home scenario. The Loan scenarios can be edited and deleted.

» Compare the Loan scenarios
Application provides functionality to compare the different loan scenarios that are attached to a Home scenario. This helps to choose the best mortgage option for loan from the available ones.

» Share Home scenario image using Facebook
Share the main image of the home scenario using Facebook.

» For more features, download the case study.

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