Fairy Princess Mirror

Business Requirement:

» Switch your iPhone screen into mirror anytime, anywhere and make your girl feel like princess of fairy tales.

» Fairy Princes Mirror iPhone application is designed to give users the capability to see themselves into their phone screens which turns out a virtual mirror for them.

» This app provides users a functionality of zoom in and zoom out as well as it has funny sound effects to boost users’ self-esteem.

Business Feature:

» Main Screen:
The main screen of the app will be the user front camera. The user will be able to zoom in or out by placing two fingers on the screen. The user will also have the option to take a picture if they choose to. Once the user opens the app there will be a camera located in the centre of the bottom of the screen. If the user wishes to take a picture the simply hit the camera and the picture is there in library. The main Screen will also have four main navigation buttons. Settings, Flash, Front/Back Camera, Sound.The main screen will also have picture framesin the background that can be “scrolled” through. If the user slides their finger left or right the background frames will slide to the next or previous frame.

» The Settings Button:
The Settings screen is where the user records their name, playback the recorded name and where other options are located.

» Turn frames on or off.
– Share with friends via facebook, twitter, text, email
– Rate this app sends the user to the Apple store rating page/screen for the app.
– Send feedback to fpm@shoreproductions.com
– Display version and build number of app.

» For more features, download a casestudy.

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