Business Requirement:

» Stay connected with your friends and family anytime, anywhere.

» ClickMe application provides an attractive and graphical way to new generation users to be connected with their nearby.

» This Application shares users’ information like birth date, liking, photos, contacts details among the application users only.

» Users can send photos, videos or any audio note to their ClickMe contacts.

Business Feature:

» Application design and animations are unique to iPhone and android devices.

» Application possesses Open-Id concept that means a user can login with his/her Facebook credentials too.

» User can set his/her mood message as tagline to display other users.

» Application’s main screen displays all users nearby the logged in user with their tagline and photos in a Grid with pagination.

» An enchanting functionality of the application termed as “Click”. User can send the click to another user whom he/she likes. If the same user will send him/her a click then that will be counted as “Match” of those two users.Application counts the clicks received by the user asynchronously and update user about that via notifications. User can set his/her preferences for notifications.

» User cannot see details of other users until they do not match with each other, and if ever match happens then he/she can have facilities to make call, send message or send Facebook friend request to that particular user.

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